Wool is one of our greatest renewable resources.

Sustainably raised wool is:

>> environmentally responsible

>> hypoallergenic and mite resistant

>> free of chemicals and other junk

>> naturally breathable and temperature regulating

>> naturally fire resistant

Intensively managed pasture:

>> allows the land and pasture plants to rest and regrow before being defoliated again

>> provides even manure distribution which replenishes necessary nutrients back into the soil at a steady rate

>> mitigates soil compaction, allowing more water to be absorbed into the soil, which prevents erosion.

Here’s where you come in:

Rouseabout’s blankets utilize this undervalued fiber in a way that’s easy to incorporate into anyone’s life. Designed simply so you get the most wool for your buck. They are helping to heal the land, economy, and our unsustainable textile industry.

For babies, yogis, puppies, and anyone. Simple, practical, helpful.